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openbankeR v0.1.0 release — Feb 19, 2022

openbankeR v0.1.0 release

This is a first release of openbankeR – a new R package for querying the UK Open Banking (Open Data) API.

The package allows users to:

  • Create an R client for the OpenBanking (OpenData) API
  • Extract raw data from the API using convenient functions

More information and instructions for using the package can be found on GitHub.


dashboardthemes v1.1.1 : CRAN release — Jul 6, 2020

dashboardthemes v1.1.1 : CRAN release

The dashboardthemes package v1.1.1 is now available on CRAN, after several years of being available on GitHub only.

The CRAN release is mostly a back-end refactor to improve code quality and add automated checks, but please consult the release notes if you have used prior versions.

As before, the main purpose of the package is to allow easy use and creation of themes/logos, without knowledge of CSS code.

It’s also possible to create a live theme switcher using the instructions on this page. The live switcher functionality may be integrated into the package in future, as well as other new features.





Available themes


dashboardthemes v1.1.0 — Jul 1, 2020

dashboardthemes v1.1.0

The v1.1.0 update of dashboardthemes is available on GitHub.

This is mostly a back-end refactor to improve the quality of the underlying code.

Full release notes:

Breaking changes:
– The boe_website theme has been discontinued, please use flat_red instead.
– The following used to be logo objects with hard-coded text, they are now functions, with optional parameters boldText, mainText and badgeText:

logo_blue_gradient, logo_flat_red, logo_grey_light, logo_grey_dark, logo_onenote, logo_poor_mans_flatly, logo_purple_gradient

Major back-end refactor:
– R source code separated into multiple files.
– Resolved all R CMD CHECK errors, warnings and notes.
– CSS and HTML code generated by functions has been formatted to remove line breaks.
– shinyDashboardLogo function now has boldText, mainText and badgeText optional parameters, rather than hard-coding these values.

Added back-end quality controls:
– Unit tests for all functions.
– Support for continuous integration on TravisCI and Jenkins.
– Support for test coverage reports on CodeCov.
– Support for linter checks.

Live Theme Switcher in shinydashboard — Mar 19, 2019
dashboardthemes v1.0.3 — Feb 15, 2019

dashboardthemes v1.0.3

The v1.0.3 update of dashboardthemes is available on GitHub.

This small patch adds an option to change the highlight font colour for different statuses (Primary/Success/Warning/Danger). As a result, this allows better visibility of titles in boxes that use a specific status.




dashboardthemes v1.0.1 — Mar 15, 2018

dashboardthemes v1.0.1

The v1.0.1 update of dashboardthemes is available on GitHub. This is a small patch including minor tweaks and to address one request.

Release notes:

  • By request: Added support for changing textbox/dropdown/button height and padding. Four new optional arguments were added to shinyDashboardThemeDIY: buttonHeight, buttonPadding, textboxHeight, textboxPadding. Height arguments default to 34. Padding arguments default to “6px 12px”.
  • Added support for modal background colour – inherited from box background colour.
  • Added support for datatable search box – inherited from textbox style.

Changing textbox and button height/padding

By request, it’s now possible to change the height and padding of textboxes and action buttons. This can allow smaller user input boxes to be fitted in a compact UI, or elements to be highlighted through larger size.


Support for modal background colour

As shown below, there is now support for changing the background colour of modal pop-ups. The screenshot also shows search boxes in datatables have been customised.



Introducing dashboardthemes — Mar 5, 2018

Introducing dashboardthemes

Introducing a BETA release of dashboardthemes – an experimental R package designed to provide custom theme options for Shinydashboard applications.

The main purpose of the package is to allow:

  • Straightforward use of a new set of themes and logos.
  • Easy creation of new themes and logos, without knowledge of CSS code.
  • Use of live theme switchers in apps (implemented in testing, to be added in package)


The package is available to install from GitHub: *


* See Disclaimer at end.


Available themes


The package is released as BETA. If you experience any issues, please provide feedback using the comments section or Contact page on this blog.


This is not part of the official Shinydashboard package and is released as a separate set of functionality.  Efforts will be made to ensure compatibility with future versions of Shinydashboard but there could be delays in doing so. As such, dashboardthemes should be treated as an experimental package and used at your own risk.

Hello, World! — Mar 4, 2018